Shinagawa-ku Chiropractic Sonomanma-Sunshine

Back pain and Neck pain

WHO standard chiropractic

1st stage . Relief care

Most patient consult our office because of back-ache or neck-pain.We can relief your muscle hyper tension and also manipulate your spine.

You can relax after treatment, enjoy Japanese chiropractic care.

If you don’t satisfied with other practitioner in Japan,try it.

2nd stage. Progressing care

When you’re feeling better you’ll make a design to make.When you continue your care,visits are less frequent.

If you end your care before fully healing muscles and soft tissue,you can invite a relapse.

3rd stage. Wellness care

Your health affect everything you do and everyone you know.With so many people depending on you,it makes sense to invest in your heath.

A program of chiropractic checkups can help you be the caring parents, the loving spouse, the understanding friends or the dependable employee.

Invest your health!



Chiropractor   Takahide Itoh

Bachelor of Applied Science,Clinical Science

Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

3 years clinical experience in “Genki-in”

Treated over 10,000 patients as Total

Time & Fees

Sunday to Saturday open 10:00 -21:00
Regular holiday Wednesday

Chiropractic treatment

First time inspection charges

                    25,00 yen


Adult                     5,000 yen
Student /please show me your student card                      3,000 yen

※ The student please convey “a student” at the time f reservation

Now we are 10th anniversary,the first time inspection is 1000yen


      60 minutes       6,000 yen
credit card

and also can use ”PayPay”


2 minutes from hotel “FLEXSTAY IN Nakanobu P2”

Some traveler have back pain. Call me when you have pain or fatigue.

10 minutes by walk from hotel “Tokyo in” & “Hotel stay seed” Magome station.

Near stations are Nakanobu station and Nisiohi station.

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Resevation form web system

TEL 03-5749-3558


post-cord 142-0043

Toyo-to Shinagawa-ku Hutaba4-24-1 GS-Heim Nakanobu RoomNO.105

Closest train station

Toei-Asakusa-Line(Subway) Nakanobu-station From A1-exit 6minutes


JR-Yokosuka-Line Nisiohi-station 8minut


Tokyu-bus-stop Ebara-Eigyousho 2minutes